UNAKO-Invest Co. Ltd

UNAKO is the Group of Companies specialized in implementation of strategic projects in perspective economic sectors of various countries: power, oil and gas, construction. The Group’s activities provide the whole complex of works of industrial and civil construction – starting from investment idea elaboration, business-planning, fund raising, full cycle of engineering, including design-survey operations, design engineering, equipment production and supply to construction and assembly of facilities of industrial and civil construction on a turn-key basis.

Since 2008 with participation of Group of Companies UNAKO 54000 km of electro-transmission lines have been constructed and repaired in more than 80 countries of the world: Asia, Africa, Europe, Russia, and America. UNAKO conducts cooperation within the frames of construction and reconstruction of power facilities from 0,4 to 1150 kV.

Enterprises of the Group of Companies UNAKO are concentrated in the power and machine engineering industries; they are widely known at the Russian and international markets, traditionally specialized in production of power equipment, machines and devices as well as engineering and construction services on design and erection of power and general civil facilities. The products of the plants are manufactured in compliance with the requirements of national and international standards, and undergo full cycle of required testing including the ones on request of the foreign power companies.